Cleveland Bat Group

National Bat Helpline - 0345 1300 228

I have found a bat

What do I do if I find a bat? If the bat is on the ground, on an outside wall, or in an exposed area where it may be vulnerable, especially during the day, is likely to need help. It should be contained in a box.

You should avoid handling the bat, but if it is necessary WEAR GLOVES due to the small risk of a type of rabies.

Call the Bat Helpline 0345 1300 228 for further advice. They will get in touch with carers who are closest to you to see if there is anyone that can assist.

If you find a bat at a time when the Helpline is closed, please follow these instructions to contain the bat until the helpline is open:

1. Contain the bat:

a) Like a spider, by placing a box (shoe box size) on top of it and sliding a piece of card underneath. Small holes should be punched in the box lid.

b) Alternatively, cover the bat with a cloth/tea towel and carefully scoop it up and place it in the box. Do not handle the bat with bare hands.

2. Put a tea towel or soft cloth in the box for the bat to hide in.

3. Put in a small, shallow container e.g. a plastic milk bottle top with a few drops of water (not enough for the bat to drown in). Make sure the water is topped up regularly.

4. Keep the bat indoors somewhere quiet and dark Only a bat that has been confirmed as fit and healthy by a bat rehabilitator should be released, and never during the day.