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Bat Identification

The downloadable documents below give clues and tips on how to identify between bat species. If you are loaning an Anabat or SM2 detector this is not important as we can determine species by using the software, but it is obviously more fun if you and determine this for yourself! Don’t forget, bats cannot read! So they do not always follow the rules. If you are not sure on a species don’t worry about it too much. It is better to have an undetermined identification than it is to have a wrongly determined identification.

What do bats sound like?

The recordings below are some samples of the more common bat's sounds that may be heard using a heterodyne detector, such as the Magenta 

Common pipistrelle
This is the UK's most common bat and the sound heard on the detector is very much like 'slapping'.
Daubenton's bat hunts insects over water. The call repetition rate is very fast and the calls sound like 'tik-ke'.
Noctules sound like 'chip chop' with occasional clicks.